China Top-quality Motorcycle Accessories Racing Motorcycle Sprocket and Chain Sets for Benelli TRK502 525 (46T 14T 15T 525H O-Ring) best sprocket combination

Type: Motorcycle chain and sprocket
Warranty: 1 calendar year
Item title: Sprocket and Chain Sets for Benelli
Fit for: Benelli TRK502
Content: 45#Metal/20CrMnTi
Chain Product: 525H O-Ring 116 Backlinks in Gold
Surface area treatment method: Electrophoretic Black/Galvanized
Features: Silent/Pace Up/ Use Resistant
MOQ: 1 pcs
High quality: Put on Resistance
Packing: Polybag+Box+Carton
Packaging Specifics: Carton
Port: ZheJiang

Product nameMotorcycle Sprocket and Chain for Benelli
Fit ForBenelli TRK502
MaterialFront Sprocket: 20CrMnTi Forgings
Rear Sprocket: 45#Metal Forgings
Package Incorporated1. The Front Sprocket with fourteen/15 Tooth
2. The rear Sprocket with 46 Enamel
Bundle Incorporated3. The Chain: 525H O-Ring 116 linksRecommend for displacement from 100CC to 350CC
Surface treatment methodElectrophoretic Black/Galvanized
FeaturesQuiet/Velocity Up/ Wear Resistant
Modification instructions: 1.The greater quantity of rear sprocket enamel, the greater of commencing power and the slower of the large pace. 2.Lower the number of rear sprocket enamel, the decrease of commencing drive, the quicker of the large speed.3.Increase the amount of enamel of front sprocket, the common velocity runs quick.4.Lessen the amount of teeth of front sprocket, the typical velocity operates slowly and gradually.5.Recommended skilled installationPlease refer to your first gear amount prior to buy, in accordance to your needs for bike functionality modification, pick the suitable front and rear sprocket teeth. Remember to make contact with us if you have any inquiries.
Product procedure Features1. Intense remedy technology. Carburizing, carbonitriding, medium temperature tempering and other heat therapy, high quality handle, high chain strength and dress in resistance
2. Substantial precision relationship. Large precision connection amongst nodes, not easy to tumble off, safer riding
3. High good quality craftsmanship. The chain is not straightforward to be stretched and jumped in the transmission procedure, Electric powered Motorbike E sequence first entrance shock absorption brake caliper fit so the security is increased
4. Sealing ring imported from Japan. The sealing ring imported from Japan has a far better sense of engagement and a more time services life
5.Wavy double-sided mute ring. Tooth CNC drilling, double-sided with a conjoined mute rubber ring, firm does not drop off, flawlessly in shape with the chain, can play a part in lowering sound and buffer
TipsOur sprockets and chains are specially designed for huge displacement RACING Motorbike, with powerful tensile and dress in resistance, which can efficiently decrease motorbike sounds. You should do not confuse our items with other goods. Wait around for your inquire.
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How to choose the right sprocket

Knowing the size of the chain is important when looking for the right sprocket. Also, you must know the number of teeth you need and their angle. The angle between the teeth is equal to 360 degrees divided by the number of teeth. This information will help you find the right sprocket for your specific application.sprocket

Long Through Hole

Sprockets are critical to the efficiency and uptime of roller chain drives. To ensure your sprocket is installed correctly, it is important to know the dimensions of the sprocket, including its outside diameter, through-hole length, and hub diameter. Pore ​​size is also an important consideration. Most sprockets have a 1/8″ bore, while others may have a larger bore.
Sprockets are usually secured to the shaft using ANSI standard-sized keyways and set screws. However, not all sprockets are compatible with all shaft diameters, so it is important to check the keyway size before purchasing.
Sprockets are available in a variety of styles and configurations. Some types of sprockets are welded to a solid hub, while others are bolted or split to the hub. Both types have different adjustments and you can easily change them without disassembling the device. Sprockets can be purchased from many US manufacturers in A, B or C hub configurations. For example, the hub diameter of an A-type sprocket determines its width, while a B-type sprocket has a hole for a bushing.
Sprockets are used in chain-driven motion systems, usually to carry heavy loads. It is very important to choose the right app for the right app to avoid damaging your device. If you’re not sure, learn about your system and how it’s assembled.

face width

The face width of the sprocket is limited by the meshing clearance with the chain. It does not affect tooth length. The outside diameter of the chain tip may vary depending on the type of tool used. Dimensional tolerances for keyways and set screws are also important.


One of the most important characteristics of a sprocket is its diameter. The diameter of the sprocket is used as a guide for choosing the proper sprocket size for your bike. Its number of teeth and diameter also affect the size of the chain.
The diameter of a sprocket is a function of its pitch or the distance between the centers of the link hinges. Diameters are in millimeters and expressed in standard ANSI chain numbers. Popular spacing is 3/8″ or 1/2″.
In order to make the chain drive smoothly, the sprocket and the chain should be properly matched. Incorrect pitch sprockets can damage the chain and shorten its life. Sprockets should provide precise tooth count, consistent pitch, and high wear resistance. It should also be designed to be rigid and impact resistant. CZPT chain suppliers can custom design sprockets in a variety of sizes, pitches, and diameters to suit your needs.
The number of teeth on the roller sprocket is also important. This is because the sprocket is in contact with the chain, causing frictional wear. The teeth on the sprocket can affect the durability of the chain, which is why choosing a sprocket with hardened teeth can change the world.sprocket

hub type

The hub type of the sprocket is key to proper engagement with the chain. Several options are available. The sprocket hub type is cylindrical and is available in a variety of sizes and styles. Sprockets are usually made of steel or stainless steel.
There are four main types of hubs for sprockets. They come under different names from different manufacturers, but they all share some common characteristics. These include Types A, B, and C. Each type has its own advantages and disadvantages. A-Plate sprockets are flat and have no hubs, while B-Hub sprockets are flat with hubs mounted on one side of the plate. C-shaped sprockets extend on both sides of the plate for larger pitch circle diameters and heavier axles.
A sprocket with a large pitch diameter needs a sprocket with a large pitch, and a chain with a small pitch diameter needs a chain with a small pitch. A-type sprockets are smaller and fit more closely to the equipment, while C-type sprockets need to be wider and thicker to carry more weight. Also, the pitch diameter is important because it determines whether the sprocket will fit correctly with the chain.
Steel split sprockets are easy to install and remove. They are held together by bolts on the hub, ranging in pitch size from 40 to 240. They are typically used in applications involving multiple drive shafts.

HZPT ZTB series

ZTB sprockets are an important part of a bicycle chain system. Its uptime is very important to maximize uptime and efficiency. key cSelect sprockets are characterized by size, pitch and bore. MDS accepts sprockets of various bore diameters from 1/2″ to 2″.
A sprocket is a wheel-like structure with teeth on the end. These teeth interlock with the chain, allowing simple rotational movement of large machines and equipment. ZTB sprockets are an excellent choice for a wide range of applications, including construction and agricultural machinery.
ISO sprockets have a suffix number indicating the number of chains in the chain. For example, 16B-2 sprockets have 1″ pitch and dual spools. If you’re buying sprockets for your bike, be sure to check the sprocket pitch.
The teeth on the sprocket are responsible for frictional wear, so choosing the right teeth is critical. The right teeth can increase the life of the sprocket and chain. A good sprocket has at least 17 teeth. Sprockets with a higher number of teeth last longer without causing chain slip. Typically, the teeth are the same material as the sprockets, but you can find removable teeth for a more affordable option. The teeth on the sprocket can also be hardened. Induction hardening is the most commonly used process.
ZTB sprockets can be made from many different materials. Some materials are more expensive than others, while others are softer and stronger. If you’re not sure which one to buy, try explaining the difference between the different sprockets to the sprocket manufacturer. They should be able to give you details about their interchangeability and quality.

set screw

Set screws are screws designed to hold two or more parts together. There are many different types of set screws, each with a different purpose and design. They usually come in imperial and metric sizes with a hex socket driver on one end and a cup tip on the other. They are made of hardened steel and have a black oxide finish. Some varieties have flanges, while others don’t.
Set screws with chain studs can be used in a variety of applications. For example, they can be used in agricultural equipment, heavy equipment and other industries. They come in several different sizes and thread sizes and are available in a variety of designs. Some are specific to the mining industry, while others are more general.
The company also offers custom setscrews, as well as hex, spline, square and socket heads. They have the capability to manufacture fasteners ranging from carbon steel to nickel and silicon bronze. Their products also meet Mil-I-4528 and QS 14000 standards.

China Top-quality Motorcycle Accessories Racing Motorcycle Sprocket and Chain Sets for Benelli TRK502 525 (46T 14T 15T 525H O-Ring)     best sprocket combinationChina Top-quality Motorcycle Accessories Racing Motorcycle Sprocket and Chain Sets for Benelli TRK502 525 (46T 14T 15T 525H O-Ring)     best sprocket combination
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