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Solution Description

CZPT plastic nylon equipment wheel / elements

Nylon is a type of CZPT plastics used in complete industries, has been used almost each and every industrial field.The caprolactam monomer is first melted, and included catalyst, then poured it inside moulds at ambiance stress so as to condition in diverse castings, this sort of as: rod, plate, tube.
Because the end of 1980’s, HangZhou CZPT CZPT Industireis Firm has devoting herself on establishing the technological innovation of Nylon modification, drastically prolonged the apps in different industries. Basing on the Nylon, strengthened with assortment of additives during the response, this sort of as lubricant, molybdenum disulfide, graphite glass fiber, carbon fiber etc, to enhance the properties, increased performance of wear-resistance, corrosion-resistance, self-lubrication, vibration-absorption, sounds-absorption. At the same time, as the technics and construction of the moulds is really easy, so that it can be manufactured in reduce cost, gets the ideal substitutes of bronze, stainless steel, Babbitt alloy,PTFE and so on.
Oil Nylon (environmentally friendly)
Oil Nylon(green)is the new CZPT plastics that produced by HangZhou CZPT CZPT Industireis Organization in the afterwards 1980’s by importing the CZPT d technological innovation from Nylacast Co., Ltd, Uk, was the first authentic lubricating nylon that builds the liquid lubricant method for the duration of the processing stage, which makes its coefficient of friction is fifty% reduced than the common PA6 or PA66, the use-resistance is ten instances than the common kinds. Oil Nylon is specifically produced for the areas of CZPT -self-lubrication, heavy-loading and lower-speed-running, which naturally resulted in a considerable boost in bearing life-5 instances that of general PA6 and twenty five times that of phosphor bronze! The lubricant contained inside the content will not drain, adsorb or dry out and by no means requirements replenishment. The uniform distribution of the lubricant all through the item ensures the constant functionality of the parts over the whole services existence and enhancements in price of use, sliding frictional houses, abrasion resistance and adhere slip overall performance, which are just a couple of of the advantages offered by this substance. Oil Nylon has been effective in significant enlarging the software of nylon in a lot of industries and particularly for some un-lubricated working components.
Other casting Nylon:
Oil Nylon + Carbon (Black)
Oil Nylon added carbon, has the quite compact and crystal composition, which is greater than the general casting nylon in the overall performance of large mechanical toughness, dress in-resistance, anti-getting older, UV resistance and so on. It is appropriate for generating the bearing and other use mechanical areas.
Oil MC901(Blue)
This improved MC Nylon, has putting blue color, which is much better than basic PA6/PA66 in the functionality of toughness, overall flexibility, tiredness-resistance and so on. It is the ideal material of equipment, gear bar, transmission equipment and so on.
MC Nylon + MSO2(Gentle black)
MC Nylon included MSO2 can continue being the influence-resistance and tiredness-resistance of casting nylon, as properly as it can enhance the loading potential and wear-resistance. It has a wide software in producing gear, bearing, world equipment, seal circle and so on.

nylon gear home:

Property Item No. Device POM-C POM-H POM-H+PTFE
Mechanical Houses one Density g/cm3 one.41 one.forty three one.50
two  Water absorption(23ºCin air) % .20 .20 .seventeen
three Tensile strength MPa 68 78 55
4 Tensile strain at crack % 35 35 10
five Compressive pressure(at 2%nominal pressure) MPa 35 forty 37
6 Charpy impact energy (unnotched) KJ/m two ≥150 ≥200 ≥30
seven Charpy effect strength (notched) KJ/m 2 7 ten three
eight Tensile modulus of elasticity MPa 3100 3600 3200
9 Ball indentation hardness N/mm two a hundred and forty 160 a hundred and forty
  ten Rockwell hardness M84 M88 M84

Our Service:

1. Rich industry experience since 1988.
2. Wide arrange product line, including plastics sheet/rod/areas/equipment: MC NYLON, OIL NYLON, POM, UHMW-PE, PU, PETP, PC, PTFE, PVDF, PPS, PEEK, PAI, PI, PBI ect.
3. Manufacture, design and processing service as per your demand. 

Product technology:
CNC machine,Extrusion,Injection,ect.

Processing Equipment :
CNC machining center,CNC lathes,Milling,Injection Molding Machine,Extruder,Moulding press

Packaging &Transport:
Packing in plastics bags,wooden case,pallet,container,ect. 

Certification:ISO,SGS,Fda,RoHS,Test report,ect.


1.A: What’s the size of plastics sheet?
   B:Nylon sheet:Thickness*Width*Length:20-100*one thousand*2000mm
       UHMW-PE sheet:Thickness*Width*Length:20-a hundred*1000*2000mm 20-one hundred*1250*3130mm 20-100*1250*4250mm
     POM sheet:Width*Duration:1000*2000mm
two. A:Can we purchase a small part of plastics sheet?
    B: Yes,you can, if we have the size you require in stock.
3. A:What color of plastics sheet?
    B: Nylon sheet:  Natural,black,blue,or according to client’s requiremnet.
         UHMW-PE sheet:  White,black,green ,bule,yellow,or according to client’s requirement.
four. A:Can you manufacture the plastics products as per drawing?
    B: Yes,we can.
five.A: What the precision of plastic products according to drawing?
   B: Different machine with different precision,it usually around 0.05-.1mm
6.A: What the technologies in producing plastics parts?
   B: Different products with different technologies,such as CNC machine,Extrusion,Injection
7: A:What kinds of processing machine do you have?
    B: CNC machining center,CNC lathes,Milling,Injection Molding Machine,Extruder,Moulding press

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China Custom Plastic Nylon Gear Wheel / Parts with ce certificate top quality Good price