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Flat Top Conveyor Chains Description

Steel and Stainless Steel Flat Top Chains are produced in straight running and side flexing versions and the range is covered by a broad selection of raw materials and chain-link profiles to provide solutions for all conveying applications. These Flat Top Chains are characterized by high working loads, highly resistant to wear, and extremely flat and smooth conveying surfaces. The chains can be used in many applications and are not just confined to the Beverage Industry.

Widely used in all kinds of conveyors of bottles and heavy loads such as metal.
Especially applied to the beer industry.
Suggestion: lubricant
The longest distance: 15M
Max. speed: lubricant 90M/min, dryness 60M/min
Working load: 2600N
Material: austenitic stainless steel (non-magnetic) ferritic stainless steel (magnetic)
Packing: 10 feet = 3.048 M/box 26pcs/M

Chain No. Width (W) Weight Plate Gap (PG)
mm inch kg/m lbs/ft mm
SS812/815 – K205 53 2.05 2.1 1.42 1.8
SS812/815 – K250 63.5 2.50 2.3 1.55 1.8
SS812/815 – K263 66.8 2.63 2.4 1.62 1.8
SS812/815 – K300 76.2 3.00 2.5 1.68 1.8
SS812/815 – K325 82.6 3.25 2.6 1.75 1.8
SS812/815 – K350 88.9 3.5 2.7 1.81 1.8
SS812/815 – K400 101.5 4.00 3.2 2.15 1.8
SS812/815 – K450 114.3 4.50 3.5 2.35 1.8
SS812/815 – K500 127 5.00 3.6 2.42 1.8
SS812/815 – K600 152.4 6.00 4.4 2.96 1.8
SS812/815 – K750 190.5 7.50 5.3 3.56 1.8

Flat Top Conveyor Chains Application

The main structure is made of stainless steel or aluminum profile, and the chainplate of the working face can choose stainless steel or engineering plastic flat top chain. It is widely used in the production line of beverage, beer, food, pharmaceutical, printing, cosmetics, electronics, and other industries

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